Online Covid insurance to enter Ukraine

Coronavirus insurance in the territory of Ukraine. Compulsory to all non residents.

Foreigners to enter and stay on the territory of Ukraine are required to have an insurance policy covering treatment for coronavirus(COVID-19), in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. We offer such online covid insurance for foreigners, that will be send to your email in a second after the payment is made! You can issue an online policy and then simply show it to border service officer on your device.

IMPORTANT! The document confirming the infection of COVID-19 is the conclusion of a certified state laboratory.

Take care of yourself, dear friends!

3 Days

Minimum period of insurance

1 Euro\Day

Minimum price for insurance

85 Years Old

Maximum age is up to 

3 000 to 30 000 Euro

Covers only Covid-19. Extended coverage can be purchased.

When you book a vacation to Ukraine, travel agents will typically ask if you would like to buy covid covid insurance and travel insurance. This can be a hard decision to make. It’s not free and people often wonder if they really need it. But you have to know that covid insurance for Ukraine is mandatory for foreigners to enter the country. The fact is that travel insurance is like any other insurance: it gives you peace of mind, but you hope that you never have to use it. Here are some things you should know that can help you decide whether or not it’s worth it for you.


Travel insurance covid Ukraine – ensuring that nothing will go wrong.

Ukraine covid insurance is there so that if something happens that turns your vacation into a nightmare, you can be reimbursed for the expenses. A good coronavirus insurance will cover a range of expenses or problems that can come up, leaving you feeling like your money spent on the trip was not wasted. Choosing an extended covid-19 coverage will increase the maximum possible compensation amount from € 3 000 to € 30 000. This insurance policy covers €30 000 and can be used for applying for a tourist Ukrainian visa.


Coverage of medical costs associated, including COVID-19 treatment

  • Diagnosis of COVID-19

  • Medication provision

  • Treatment medical in case of injury of active leisure

  • Doctor / ambulance call costs

  • Hotel services, including self-isolation within Covid-19

  • Dental care

  • Obstetric care until the 29th week

  • Transportation in case of clinical need

Protect yourself against freak accidents – buy online covid insurance to enter Ukraine

Just because you’re taking the flight to go on vacation does not mean you will be exempt from tragedies. In the worse case scenario, travel coronavirus insurance will serve as an additional layer of life insurance for the loved ones left behind. However, it can also serve as additional disability insurance if you are left permanently disabled as a result of the accident.


Plans change, but not all plan changes are covered – ask for “Ukraine covid insurance”

Plans change, vacations have to be cancelled, and the money is not always refundable. Without Ukraine covid travel insurance, the money is not usually refundable. Most insurance programs offer a limited refund for specific, and narrowly defined, reasons. Some higher coverage programs will allow you to cancel your insurance for any reason. If you are seeking travel insurance to enter Ukraine because you are concerned about having to change your plans, be sure to read all the fine print.


Check out the seller – Visit Ukraine covid insurance is the best one in Ukraine

Anything can be researched, and travel insurance companies are no exception. Whether you are buying through the Internet or your travel agent, check out the company. 

Ensure your great deal – buy covid insurance Ukraine

Fantastic deals on a vacation are fabulous, until you open the paper two weeks after you buy and see an even better deal! With some insurance policies, if the package goes on sale for less, you can get a refund for the difference.


Receipts, evidence, pictures – pick them all for your covid insurance in Ukraine.

Documentation is everything! Even with covid 19 travel insurance, scammers are working their magic. Plus, the company is ultimately in the business to make money. Don’t give them any excuse to deny a claim. If someone falls ill, go to the doctor and have the illness confirmed. If the problem was a local situation, such as a transit strike, that caused problems, pick up some daily newspapers that can be used as proof of the situation. Keep any receipts for the expenses you will want reimbursed. Take pictures if the situation warrants.

The cost of your travel insurance in Ukraine will depend largely on what you are having covered. If you are visiting another country and are concerned about someone in your party getting sick, travel insurance covering covid may be the best investment you ever make. Frequent flyers who are fearful of accidents can enjoy the peace of mind travel insurance will give them. However, people seeking insurance because their boss may not give them the time off might find themselves being denied coverage. Make a list of exactly why you want the insurance, and then read the fine print to be sure you will be covered.