Online Covid insurance to enter Ukraine

Coronavirus insurance in the territory of Ukraine. Compulsory to all non residents.

Foreigners to enter and stay on the territory of Ukraine are required to have an insurance policy covering treatment for coronavirus(COVID-19), in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. We offer such online covid insurance for foreigners, that will be send to your email in a second after the payment is made! You can issue an online policy and then simply show it to border service officer on your device.

IMPORTANT! The document confirming the infection of COVID-19 is the conclusion of a certified state laboratory.

Take care of yourself, dear friends!

3 Days

Minimum period of insurance

1 Euro\Day

Minimum price for insurance

85 Years Old

Maximum age is up to 

3 000 to 30 000 Euro

Covers only Covid-19. Extended coverage can be purchased.